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Bruce C. Pugh


Software Development Executive
              Expert at delivering more with less

Starting down that road looking for your next IT leader, look no further, you've found him.

As an Executive in Software Development, I have lead and directed teams of professionals for Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations.  I am exceptionally good "Delivering more with less" by at leveraging resources, priorities, schedules, and budgets to deliver business solutions through technology and software applications.  I have Managed teams and projects that built and delivered innovative software solutions aligned with the business, streamlined processes, drove client satisfaction, and user productivity in support of the largest payroll system in the world that brought in $3 Billion in revenue annually.  My teams were responsible for over 30 applications with multiple teams in locations across the country and off-shore.  These teams delivered over 150 software releases a year, from routine maintenance of legacy systems to multi-year multi-million dollar enterprise wide application packages.  

Working with senior management on the business and IT sides using cross-functional teams, delivered creative cost saving / revenue generating solutions for new applications and routine maintenance of existing applications, using both custom built software and enhancements and interfaces to enterprise-wide vendor packages. 

Are you a Healthcare provider looking to insure you are in compliance with HIPAA-HITECH rules and regulations?

I am currently working as an independent HIPAA and IT consultant with ComplyAssistant to provide HIPAA-HITECH privacy/Security, Breach Notification, Meaningful Use consulting and assessment services, IT NIST compliance and Business Associate (BA) Compliance Monitoring to the healthcare industry.

What are you looking for in your next IT Executive?

Multi-tasking, project management, building highly efficient teams

  • Maintained and supported over 30 applications
  • Delivered 150-200 software releases a year
  • Negotiating projects, schedules, resources, and priorities with business partners.

CRM expertise

  • Directed the teams that supported the CRM system (AMDOCS/Clarify) for 3 of a fortune 500 company's major divisions. 
  • Serviced over 5,000 client service representatives.
  • Interfaced with Genesys Telephony to handle automated call routing for tens of thousands of calls a week. 
  • Interfaced and with multiple systems, mainframe, AS400, and web based.

Flexible, reacting to opportunities, meeting tight deadlines

- On multiple occasions Bruce was given the opportunity to be part of a team of IT experts to deliver seminars and lead discussion groups to several companies in Beijing China.  He was typically given a 2-3 week notice for these assignments, to pull together the presentation, get a visa, and get on a plane.  Presentations and discussion groups I lead and participated in included:
  • Best Practices in Software Development Management for First Line IT managers
  • Establishing a QA team
  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  • Best practices in software development project management.
  • Team collaboration for multi-site software development teams
  • Software development tools and Agile
  • IT Outsourcing

Managing the sun setting of legacy applications while new ones are being built

- Don't take my word for it, here is what my manager (VP of Software Development) at the time had to say about this:

“Bruce is a magician! He managed the products and systems that we were sun setting with extremely high customer satisfaction and employee morale while cutting the costs down to nothing. It’s unbelievable to see people working on projects we squeeze and milk happier than those involved in brand new initiatives that are heavily funded.”

An IT executive who knows how to mentor, motivate, and retain your top talent

- Proven track record of team building.
  • Recruited, retained and motivated high performance teams of associates
  • Development team averaged over 10 years seniority with the company, several members with over 20 years

See additional comments and recommendations from former co-workers on my LinkedIn page at http://www.linkedin.com/in/brucepugh

Leading High Performance IT Teams to Deliver Business  Solutions  through Technology and Software Applications

Bruce Pugh

Managing and directing Cross-Functional teams
HIPAA-HITECH security assessments
Budgeting, planning and forecasting
Team Building
Negotiating schedules
Project Management
IT Leadership
Staff resource planning
Client Relationship Management ( CRM ) using software and technology solutions
Directing geographically dispersed teams (on-shore and off-shore)
Legacy system integration, maintenance, and re-engineering
Mainframe, Client Server, and Web
Multiple System Development Life Cycle Methodologies ( SDLC ) including CMM, RUP Agile/SCRUM
Controlled sun setting of Legacy applications


IT NIST Security Assessments